Our mission is to change the way eyewear is bought, worn and fitted. We think it is time to renew the industry and make it all about the customers again. We include our customers in the design process and our frames are built to order for better fit. We use simple and transparent pricing. We offer an alternative for standard bulk.




No sweatshops

Kokosom Eyewear is carefully designed to look good, last long and feel great. Both manufacturing and glazing is done by adults and within Europe. Kokosom frames are manufactured to order using 3D-printing. Material used is perfect for eyewear as it is both durable and extremely light. No more nose pad markings!




Transparent pricing

We like to keep things simple and transparent. With 6 frame designs, 6 color options, size options and 3 temple designs, our current collection morphs into over 200 different types of spectacle frames. Yet we only have two price tags depending on your lens of choice. Super easy, no misleading offers and no surprises at the checkout.



Design & Innovation


This is the part where we go futuristic to offer you the best possible product. We put laser working on our frames, they call it selective laser sintering also known as 3D-printing. We also sell our frames online to you, because that’s how all of us are used to making purchases today. We haven’t just designed some spectacle frames, we have digitized the whole process from designing and manufacturing to fitting and purchasing.

Our mission is to utilize the best available technology in order to offer the best possible online eyewear shopping experience. We want our customers to be able to customize and design their frames. We take inspiration and combine the two worlds of fashion and technology. But what truly makes us tick is the individualistic and brilliant styles of our customers, and the endlessly creative ways they wear their Kokosoms.