Shopping at Kokosom

All Kokosom Eyewear frames can be personalized and built to match your measurements. Ordering is easy and effortless. You can choose the color, temple design and lens type of your Kokosoms. You can also choose sizes that best match your measurements for better fit.  

Below you’ll find some more detailed information and help for shopping and building your very own Kokosoms.


Choosing color

All our frames come in 6 colors: black, blue, red, purple, yellow & orange.  To see how a frame looks like in different colors, browse through all product pictures on the product page of the frame in question. From our fitting & measuring -page you’ll find a quick color analysis guide to help you determine which colors are likely to suit you best.


Choosing temple design

You can choose a temple design for your frames from 3 options: Doe, Smith & Visionary. Doe is a classic design with smooth surface, while Smith has a modern and sporty feel to it. Visionary has a unique and serene wavy shape. Browse through product pictures on any product page for an image of the temple design options.


Choosing temple length

You have 3 options to choose from: 135 mm, 145 mm & 155 mm. Pick up an existing pair of well fitting eyewear you have and measure temples with a ruler or tape measure from the back of the frame all the way to the tip of the temple. Choose a temple length that best matches your measurement.  


Choosing frame size

You can see the exact measurements of both sizes frame by frame on the product pages. You can compare these measurements to existing eyewear for a more tangible idea of sizes. Which size would fit you varies a little depending on the frame design, but here are some rules of thumb to follow: Size M has wider nose bridge and bigger lenses than size S. If you have high cheek bones and have had issues finding a frame that does not jump up and down while you speak, consider going for size S. If you've had issues in finding a frame that has wide enough nose bridge, go for size M and vice versa. S is usually a better fit for narrow faces and M for wider faces. 

We strongly recommend that you also send us two photos of your face (front and side). Your photos enable us to confirm the size selections you have made. It is easy and provides you with extra confirmation in terms of fit. You’ll find simple instructions for taking the photos here. Once you have made a purchase in the shop, you’ll receive an e-mail requesting your photos – just add them as an attachment and hit reply. We will contact you if we recommend a size different to what you have chosen.

We organize live fitting events as well. If you want to try on Kokosoms in person, sign up for our newsletter for updates on dates and locations.


Choosing lenses

We currently offer two single vision lens options for you to choose from. Both lens types are of high quality and your Kokosoms are glazed in Finland by professional opticians. You can choose your lenses at the product page where you choose color and sizes for your frames.


Providing us with your eyeglass prescription

Providing us with your eyeglass prescription is easy. Just take a picture or scan your prescription and send it to us. You can upload it on the product page in the same place where you choose color and sizes for your frames. You can also e-mail it to us. Once you have made a purchase in the shop, you’ll receive an e-mail requesting your photos and prescription – just add it as an attachment and hit reply. Or you can just e-mail it to info@kokosom.com. Please make sure your picture is clear and readable.

If you still need to get an updated prescription, no problem, you can go ahead and purchase your frames now and e-mail your prescription to us later when you get a chance. If you have received your prescription from your opticians via e-mail, you can just forward that e-mail to info@kokosom.com, or take a screenshot of the e-mail and send us the picture.


Shipping, returns and exchanges

We offer free shipping and deliver everywhere within the EU. You can expect your Kokosom eyeglasses to arrive 3 to 5 weeks after placing your order. Your Kokosom frames are custom built and quality-checked at every stage of the manufacturing process. This lengthens the delivery time slightly but ensures that the eyewear we send to you is in top shape.

If you have any issues with your Kokosoms, please contact us directly at info@kokosom.com. We will do our best to fix the problem. Please note that your lenses are unique and made to match your prescription, and are therefore non-refundable.  


Contact details

You can email us directly at info@kokosom.com