Fitting & measuring

Kokosom Eyewear is custom built to fit you. You decide how you want your Kokosoms. Our collection consists of 6 frame designs that you can choose color, temple design and size for. Start by choosing a frame design, and all the other choices are yours to make at the product page of the frame you choose. You can choose lens type for your eyeglasses on the product page as well. Have a look through our fitting guide below, it’ll help you make the right choices. You can also contact us directly if you have additional questions.



Send us your photo

You can email us 2 photos (front & side) of you for additional measurement check. Your photo needs to be a clear image of your face and a credit card sized card visible for scale - just like in the example image below: 

Once you have made a purchase in the Pop-up Shop, you will receive an email from us to which you can reply with your photo attached. We will contact you if we recommend changing sizes for your order. Your photo will not be published anywhere or used for any other purpose.

If you are unsure, have questions or need assistance, you can contact us directly:

We would love to help you out!



Size guide

The easiest way of determining the correct width and length for you is to compare Kokosom frame measurements with your existing eyewear. Measure your existing eyewear frame with a tape measure, or print out our size guide PDF - a sheet with life size graphics you can place you existing eyewear on for comparison.


The numbers displayed in this image indicate the following dimensions:


55 (mm) will represent the lens width.

18 (mm) will represent the bridge width.

135 (mm) will represent the overall length of the temple.





Choosing lenses

We use highest quality lenses. Your Kokosom frames are glazed with lenses in Finland by professional opticians. You can choose lenses from two options: standard and premium. The final choice is made before check out at the product page of the frame you have chosen. Please note that we can only offer single vision lenses at this time.



Shape & color

We have collected some simple tips below for helping you choose the design and color of your Kokosom frame. Just remember that the most important thing is what makes you feel good. When you feel good you look good! Style rules are meant to be broken and we are all for bold choices and standing out from the crowd.


7 basic face shapes



Color analysis


Color analysis is about finding the colors that best match your personal colors like skin complexion and eye & hair color. Traditional color analysis is based on dividing people to 4 “seasons” based on their natural colouring. Every season has its own color map.
You have low contrast between the color of your hair and skin. Hair color ranges from blonde to medium brown.Your colors have warm gold and red undertones. Red heads with freckles are often spring people as well. Clear vivid spring time nature colors work for you. Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Justin Bieber and Russel Crowe are all spring people. Kokosom colors for spring: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black.
You have little or no contrast between your skin tone and hair color. Your eyes are pale blue or green, grey or hazel. Both your skin and hair has cool undertones such as ash, blue or pink. Cool pastels and soft, dusty & muted colors suit you. You probably look great in blue jeans and white t-shirt. Sarah jessica Parker, Hugh Grant, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Costner do! Kokosom colors for summer: Purple, Blue, Black.
Your personal colors could be described as earthy. Eyes are dark brown to hazel, green or dark blue. Hair color is deep golden blonde or medium to deep brown or black with warm red undertones. Your skin tone has warm yellow or peach undertones. Tina Fey, Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham and Jennifer Lopez share your color pallette. Brown is a basic for you. Orange, olive green and other strong warm earthy colors will work for you. Kokosom colors for Autumn: Purple, Orange, Yellow, Black, Red.
You have high contrast between the colors of your skin, hair and eyes. For example a pale skin with black hair like Lucy Liu, Keanu Reeves or Angelina Jolie. Dramatic colors work best for you as well as icy pastels. Kokosom colors for winter: Blue, Black, Purple.